nepal: spectacular noise, breathtaking silence

Throwback To Our Trip to Nepal

Earlier this year I had the privilege of travelling to a slice of God’s earth I had only dreamed my two green eyes would one day gaze upon. Even now, writing retrospectively  on my time in Nepal, it is still a place in my mind that holds such allure and mystery – I know (one day) I must return to the land of the rising peaks and the coloured skies.

Nepal is a place that fuses the spectacular noise of a city full of life and culture, with the breathtaking silence of an untamed mountainous land – full of adventure.

I travelled to Nepal with two of my best friends – Brock and Brad. Theatre nerds at heart, I knew wherever I travelled with these two I would have the time of my life: every turn a spectacular show, a grand presentation. (Brock also decided to only bring one tiny…

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