So Long, Hong Kong

Sitting on an empty beach, with a beer in my hand gazing out upon the chilly waterfront in Tsuen Wan, I start to reflect on the long journey that has finally brought me to Hong Kong.

I originally intended to visit Hong Kong to visit some friends way back in April of last year. The trip didn’t leave the planning phases before I decided to postpone the trip and add it to a holiday I was taking to Japan and Shanghai. After much deliberation, I decided that it would be too expensive, and thus, Beijing became a substitute. My next attempt to visit (SOMETHING) was in August, where I got as far as actually buying a last minute airline ticket, just a few hours before I was supposed to fly out. Unfortunately for me, the company I had booked through was not able to actually buy the ticket from the airline, leaving me stranded at Brisbane airport and minus a thousand dollars. Several more unsuccessful attempts would finally get me to Hong Kong, almost one year after I’d initially planned a trip.

The trip served primarily as a catch-up for old friends; friends that had moved overseas, friends that had moved to work in Hong Kong, and even friends that had moved departments at my work. Me and my friend Conway left from Brisbane Airport early on Thursday the 9th, arriving in the late evening after a fairly uneventful flight. There we met with our friend Julie, who had moved over to Hong Kong a few months ago to do a contract at Disneyland Hong Kong.



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