The Night We Didn’t See The Northern Lights

Our Trip to Reykjavik, Iceland

I stare out the side window of our oversized, overpriced rental car, the Beatles faintly playing in the background, gazing out at… well, nothing.

Like everyone with a set of eyes, it’s been my dream to witness the Northern Light firsthand, and with our trip to Iceland, I fully intended to tick one more item off of my bucket-list. Unfortunately for us, we would inevitable miss the Aurora Borealis by just under two weeks.

“The Northern Lights will be visible in Iceland until early April” is what the guides said.
“Poppycock” is what I said. “I will find a way to witness the Northern Lights with my own eyes.”

But let’s back up a moment, and fully deconstruct the events that led us to this rather uneventful evening in Iceland.



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